Honeymoon Bliss: Greek Island Locations to Visit After Tying the Knot

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Honeymoon Bliss: Greek Island Locations to Visit After You’ve Tied the Knot


If you’re planning your honeymoon, the first thing we want to say is, ‘Congratulations!’ The second thing we want to do is make a recommendation of where you should go, so may we suggest a Greek island. Sun-drenched and romantic, some of the most famous names in the world have made a beeline for these islands to spend a few days away from the world of showbiz. Here are few ideas for locations where to spend your honeymoon days!


If, out of the many words in the dictionary, one word could sum up Santorini, it would be “blissful”. This paradisiacal Greek island will charm the pants off any visitor with its golden beaches and gleaming whitewashed houses, not to mention some of its quaint little towns and villages and the capital, Fira, which affords you with a magnificent view over the clifftops.

Santorini also offers adventure if you’re looking something fun but without getting the adrenaline pumping too heavily. You can achieve this with a spot of sea kayaking, making the most of the weather to get out in the open, get some exercise and enjoy the Santorini sun all at the sun. One of the most romantic ways to end the day, however, is to watch the sun set in beautiful Oia.

Image by BluEyedA73, used under Creative Commons license 2.0

Image by BluEyedA73, used under CC 2.0


This island is where it’s at, and is a hit with cruise travelers, fashionistas and A-list celebrities, giving the island a real buzz, especially in July and August. Evade the high season on your honeymoon and you’ll be on a tranquil island, where you might see the odd pelican plodding by as you walk down the street.

If you’re looking for somewhere special to enjoy the scenery, try a hike to the Armenstisis Lighthouse. The roads up to the lighthouse are a little rough, but that’s all part of the romanticism as you pit your wits together on them hand in hand. Alternatively, you can have a romantic dinner in Little Venice, which is named after the famous city and its labyrinth of canals. This part of the island overlooks the sea, and the light from the houses bounces off the water to create a romantic feel. Simply beautiful!

​Image by VillageHero, used under Creative Commons license 2.0

​Image by VillageHero, used under CC 2.0


If you’re really looking to escape crowds and immerse yourself in honeymoon bliss, Elounda, on the island of Crete, is the place for you. This cheerful town is far removed from the glamour and the glitz of islands like Mykonos, offering an easygoing vibe and placing you what feels like a million miles from any hustle and bustle. Fantastic!

In Elounda, you can even go fishing with the locals! Seize the chance to impress your loved one with your angling skills! Or you can ask them to take you out to Spinalonga Island, which has exploded in popularity since the publication of the Victoria Hislop novel ‘The Island’. The Venetians built the imposing fortress on the island in 1579 to safeguard the bays of Elounda and Mirabello. It wasn’t until 1715 that the island could no longer hold off the Ottomans and finally surrendered.



For generations, Europe’s royalty have visited this northern-most Greek Island looking for sun and relaxation. Warm weather, excellent food and lots of cultural attractions keep visitors coming back. The island is steeped in history, both from ancient times as well as the medieval and modern periods. The old town section of Corfu is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site for its outstanding historical and cultural importance.

There’s one thing you can’t deny about the Greek islands, and it’s that they’re incredibly romantic. When you’ve just got married and set on foot them, there feels like no better place on Earth than these islands to cement your love even further. That’s priceless.

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