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Who doesn’t love a little travel inspiration? There was a time in our journey when we weren’t the Travel Addicts. There was a time when we didn’t travel. We didn’t think we had the money or the time. That changed for us years ago, but our pre-travel life is never far from our thoughts.

If we are being truly honest, one of the reasons we embarked on this journey was to inspire other people. We want to share the gift of the world with everyone. These articles are more than just some pretty pictures and click bait headlines. We want to offer real, meaningful travel inspiration, tips, and suggestions.

These articles are meant to inspire you. But more than that, these are meant to educate and inform. While we have lots of destination-specific information and articles (including itineraries and weekend getaways), these articles look at the travel experience from a broader perspective.

Who doesn’t love a little inspiration?

How We Maximized Our Vacation Time in 2014

Stunning South African sunset

If you’ve ever wondered how we can see the world with just a handful of vacation days, we’ll let you in our secret. 2014 was a big year for us and here is how we did it. 2015 promises to be an even more exciting year!

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Confronting Our Greatest Travel Fears

Sunrise over Egypt's Valley of the Kings from a hot air balloon.

What do you fear? Recently, we’ve had several people ask us if we’re afraid to travel. It seems like travel fears are everywhere these days. But it made us ask the question, “What are we afraid of?”

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Confessions of Country Collectors


Country collecting is a topic among travelers that always seems to generate significant debate. Being a country collector really isn’t about keeping score against other people. For us, it’s about discovering as much of the world as we can and finding places we want to go back and visit.

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Why We Cruise at Christmas


Our family is spread all over the US – we’re in Pennsylvania, my sister is in California, and my mom is in Texas – so getting everyone together for the holidays means that many of us have to get on a plane and spend a small fortune.

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Seven Overrated Travel Destinations


There comes a time when you visit a destination and ask yourself: “Is this it? Did I travel all the way here for this?” Sometimes we visit places and feel they are completely overrated and don’t deserve their reputation. We are left uninspired or maybe even a little let down. We asked a group of

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