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Mozart’s Salzburg

Statue of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in Salzburg, Austria

On our second day in Salzburg, we woke up and had breakfast at our hotel, the Hotel Am Dom. They had a nice little breakfast and were very accommodating for us. We checked out of the hotel, but they allowed us to store our bags for the day.

We walked down to the river and crossed over into the new section of the city. In the New City, we walked along the Steingasse – an old medevial street that is extremely narrow.

Our morning goal was the Mozart-Wohnhaus, or Mozart’s Residence. This museum had opened since my last visit to Salzburg in 1995. We found the museum to be pleasant, but not as robust as we had expected.

After the Mozart’s Residence, we stopped for coffee at the Stein Terrace, atop the Hotel Stein. Their rooftop café looks out across the river at the heart of the old town and the fortress above the city. Thankfully, since this was a beautiful sunny day, it was nice to sit outside to soak up the sun.

Back in the Old Town, we went to Mozart’s Birthhouse (or Mozart Gerburtshaus). I had been here in 1995 and enjoyed it. In many ways, we felt this was a superior museum experience compared to the Mozart Residence across the river. This museum really tells the story of Mozart’s rise and his impact on the world. This is really the “can’t miss” Mozart site in Salzburg.

After the Mozart Birthhouse, we headed a few alleys down the Getreidegasse. Our goal was a quick lunch at the Balkan Grill. The hot dogs at this place are amazing…and incredibly addictive. I could eat dozens of these things.

The day of sightseeing started to take its toll on us. We went to Café Furst for a coffee and cake. I had the coffee mélange, the classic Salzburg coffee. We also had cake and Mozartkogel – the candy that Salzburg is noted for.

On the way back to the hotel, we stopped at the Salzburg Cathedral and did the walking tour inside.

Salzburg is a wonderful city! We absolutely love it and can’t wait to get back here again soon! Unfortunately, our time in Salzburg was at an end and we had to take the train back to Munich.

Back in Munich, we checked into the Hotel Monaco. This place claims to be one of the top small hotels in Germany. We found it to be charming with staff who were really friendly. The room was spacious and comfortable. We did encounter a little street noise, but since it was the dead of winter, it wasn’t too loud. However, in the summer, I imagine the noise from the streets would be pretty impressive.

After checking in, we walked down to Marienplatz and went to Restaurant La Valle. We heard that this was the place for pizza.  The pesto pasta special was excellent, but the pizza was pretty average. The service was…well…pretty bad. It started strong, but then our server pretty much disappeared.

After dinner, we went to Pusser’s New York Bar. I got a wonderful Moscow Mule cocktail. This was a wonderful evening and a great close to a trip.


The Cemetery in Salzburg


Market Day in Salzburg


Flowers on Market Day in Salzburg


The Church Tower in Salzburg

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