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The Baltics have played a pivotal role in European history for centuries. During the Hanseatic period, much of the raw materials for Europe’s expansion came from here. After World War II, the Baltic states were occupied by Russia and subsumed into the USSR. The governments of Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia existed in exile, working for the freedom of their countries. After the “Singing Revolution,” Gorbachev recognized the inevitable and the Baltics were free again, leading to the ultimate demise of the USSR. These days, the Baltics is a blossoming technology center, while still retaining many of the quaint old town centers.

Today as a travel destination, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia are some of the most reasonably priced in all of Europe. Popular as bachelor/bachelorette (stag/hen) weekend getaways, they have an easy, youthful spirit and understand the true value of freedom. There’s incredible architecture, a lively nightlife scene and a passion for gastronomy. This region is a must on any serious travelers list. Here are a few of our favorite things in the Baltics.

48 Hours in Riga

Old Town Riga, Latvia, as seen from St. Peter's

Riga is a brilliant mix of old and new. On a walk through this lovely city, you could glimpse a 700-year-old church next to a modern store next to a new building that was reconstructed to look old. This blend means there’s something different around every corner and in every square.

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Bog Walking in Estonia

Bog walking in Estonia

Quiet and still on a drizzly, mid-spring morning, the bog spread out to the horizon painted in shades of yellowish-green, deep orange, and brown. Occasionally, the sponge-like earth was interrupted by deep pools of water. How deep, we didn’t really know…and preferred not to find out.

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