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Beer is a simple beverage. Monks have been brewing beer in monasteries for over a thousand years. The basics of brewing beer are simple: grain (hops and malted barley) are crushed, clean water is added, the brew is heated, yeast is added, the sugar is converted to alcohol and the delicious beverage can be enjoyed. It’s a simple process that anyone can do in their house on a small scale. Brewing on a larger scale is more complicated, but still easily achievable. And with that, the craft beer revolution was born.

But the landscape of beer and breweries is far more complicated. We’ve seen monks brewing beer at the hilltop cloister of Andechs, the deeply mysterious Rauchbier of Bamberg which tastes like bacon, and even the legendary stout from the River Liffey in Dublin. We’ve visited beer meccas in Colorado (craft beer capital of the world), San Diego and Richmond. Beyond the beer, many breweries have great food too. Here are some of our favorite beer and brewery experiences in the world.

Craft Beers from Northwest Indiana Breweries

Crown Brewery, a popular brewery on the South Shore Brewery Trail in Northwest Indiana. It's located in the complex with the jail where John Dillinger escaped in 1934.

Northwest Indiana has joined the ranks of regions capitalizing on craft beer mania. This compact area has nearly 20 microbreweries and more established craft breweries, all producing a broad range of fine stouts and ales. Spending a weekend visiting the Northwest Indiana breweries on the South Shore Brewery Trail is a popular weekend activity.

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The Summertime Brews: Hopping Around Richmond Breweries

A beer tasting at Hardywood Park in Richmond, Virginia.

The craft beer revolution has arrived in this capital of the Confederacy. However, just because Virginia was late to the party doesn’t mean it should be overlooked entirely. The Richmond breweries are embracing seasonals, creating bold experimental brews and continuing the city’s unique place in beer history. The Richmond craft beer scene is rapidly maturing

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Hopped Up at San Diego’s Breweries

A beer flight at one of the great San Diego breweries. San Diego claims to be the "Craft Beer Capital of America," and with over 85 breweries in the county, it just might be.

As if San Diego needed anything else going for it, the city lays claim to the title of “Craft Beer Capital of America” and the region boasts its own beer style: a hop-heavy double IPA. On a recent trip to the West Coast, I visited several San Diego breweries to see what the fuss was

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