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The next big thing in culinary tourism is the craft spirits movement. Distilleries are popping up in cities around the world. Visiting a distillery is a lot like visiting a brewery or a winery – albeit with a bit more of a punch. The concept is the same – small regional producers driven with an absolute single-minded passion to their craft create some of the finest distilled sports the world has ever seen. Master distillers are turning out vicious vodkas, burning bourbons and whiskeys, gorgeous gins, and even the occasional rowdy rum.

Since our first craft distillery outside of Chicago a few years ago, we’ve sought out these temples of Bacchus and their delicious spirits. Visiting a distillery is near the top of our list in any city as we travel. From London to Colorado, craft distilleries are where it’s at! While the destination may change, the concern for the craft is always present. Here are some of our favorite distillery experiences.

From Bubbles to Buns: An Ideal Weekend in Bath, England

Walking along the River Avon is one of the great things to do on a weekend in Bath England

Bath, England has been near the top of my bucket list for most of my life. Over 25 years ago at a summer camp, I met a young woman from Bath. She told me stories about a beautiful town in the west of England that had hot springs and looked like it was right out

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Drinking Genever in Amsterdam

Wynand Fockink is a genever tasting room in Amsterdam that is over 300 years old. The bar offers more than 60 products for tasting.

It’s five minutes until 3:00 in the afternoon and already there’s a line of 20 people snaking outside the dark green door. You would think someone was giving away money. But it’s just a normal Sunday in Amsterdam outside a bar that’s been here for over 300 years.

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13 Things to Do on a Weekend in Mayberry

A painted wall in downtown shows features of the area. From outdoor activities to wine tasting to taking in the sights of "Mayberry," there are so many fun things to do in Mount Airy NC

Mount Airy, North Carolina–affectionately known as Mayberry–was Andy Griffith’s hometown and the inspiration for the setting of The Andy Griffith Show. But Mount Airy is more than Mayberry, too. This charming town offers good eats, excitement in the great outdoors, and unexpected history lessons, with a bit of moonshine thrown in for good measure.

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10 Great Ways to Spend a Weekend in Gettysburg

There are so many things to do in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. From historic sites to food tours, a weekend in Gettysburg will be entertaining and delicious.

Gettysburg has been popular for decades for its history and its attractive downtown. A renewed focus on all things food and drink plus overall revitalization has ensured that there are plenty of great things to do in Gettysburg.

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Waters of Life Flow at Manguin Distillery

Manguin Distillery in Avignon, France, is known for its Poire Williams Eau de Vie. The distillery puts glass bottles around pear blossoms to "imprison" the fruit within the bottle.

It’s not apparent at first what’s taking place in the lush, green orchard. As far as you can see, glass bottles hang from the trees. But once you see the sign for Manguin Distillery, it all makes a bit more sense.

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Raising a Glass at Southeast Pennsylvania Distilleries

The stills at Manatawny Still Works - one of the most popular Pennsylvania distilleries.

Across the United States, a revolution has been taking place: craft distilling. The movement that has been shaping the beer industry for the last 20 years has finally come to spirits. Despite Pennsylvania’s antiquated liquor laws, the craft revolution has finally come and there are a number of excellent Southeast Pennsylvania distilleries.

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