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In most places around the world, the food you eat every day doesn’t come from plastic in a grocery store. It is obtained from fresh food markets in your city. It may be a market building with individual stalls for specific merchants or framers selling right out of the back of their trucks in a market on the city’s central square, but it is always fresh and good. Farmers markets may be a recent concept in the United States, but everywhere else has kept the tradition alive.

Visiting a food market is a good way to understand the local diet and interact with locals. The very best food comes from the market. In Budapest’s Central Market, visiting stalls filled with local delicacies you can understand the importance of the pepper or pork to the local diet. In Provence, fresh vegetables rule the day. In Peru’s Sacred Valley, the markets are filled with corn and potatoes. We love visiting the local food market on our travels. Here are some of our favorite food markets around the world.