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We have long held the belief that the single best way to experience a culture is to see it through its cuisine. The gateway to any culture is through its food. Whether that is a calorie-packed Chicago deep dish pizza, a savory langos in Budapest, or a hearty meat pie in London, all good things can come through a rich culinary exploration.

We’ve found the best way to engage in this culinary tourism is through food tours. These progressive dining experiences usually visit four to six restaurants and food markets, while layering in cultural and historical information. We’ve found its best to do a food tour on your very first day in a city as an overview. Then you can go back and explore your favorites in detail. We’ve done this from Chicago to Budapest and Madrid to New York City. Here are the best of the world’s food tours.

Six Things I Learned on an Athens Food Tour

Spices brought by refugees from Asia Minor added flavor to food in Greece

When we visit a new place, we’re just as excited (sometimes moreso) to try new food as we are to see the sites. And when that food includes cheeses, pastries, desserts, and other local specialties, we know it’s going to be a great trip.

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