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The best way to experience a culture is through its food and cuisine. We believe food is a window into a destination, including history, culture and the daily lives of its residents. It is the living, tangible soul of a location. And we love it!

When we travel, one of the things we love to experience is dining on local delicacies. When most travelers return home, one of the things they talk the most about is what they ate. Was it unusual? Did you try unusual something you’d never had before? How is it different than what you have at home? Explaining all of these things helps paint a picture of a destination. For us, whenever possible, we always try to take a food tour early in our trips. It gives us an overview of local cuisine and helps us identify things to try on the trip. The things we eat completely influence our experience in a destination.

What is Albanian Food, Anyway?

Albanian food has aspects of Greek, Italian, and Turkish cuisine. Take a look at the delicious options in Albanian cuisine.

As with everything else when we started planning our trip to Albania, the idea of Albanian food was a big question mark in our minds. For no good reason, our expectations weren’t high, but we assumed we would make the best of whatever we were faced with.

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