hot springs

There may be no greater pleasure in life than taking a dip in a hot springs. The warmth of the water combines with the coolness of the air to heighten your senses. As your body descends into the warm abyss, you feel the tension and stress literally melt from your body. After a period of time, you enter a tranquil state of total peace. If it sounds like a religious experience that’s because it seems that way to us.

We have visited hot springs on four continents and each offers something different and unique. The cascading white travertine pools of Pamukkale in Turkey differ completely from the man-made grandeur of the Glenwood Hot Springs Pool in Colorado. While the small pools in the Tuscan hillside of Saturnia may be our favorite, we felt the most relaxed while sitting in a small hot pot at the base of Machu Picchu in Peru. Wherever the geology favors hot springs, you’ll find aficionados. And we’ll be right there with them! Here are some of our experiences.

The Kursalon and Cafe at the Kupele Sklene Teplice Spa in Slovakia.

Relaxation at The Kupele Sklene Teplice Spa in Central Slovakia

Throughout much of Central Slovakia, the mountainous geology yields a significant amount of geothermal activity and a robust spa culture has developed around these hot springs. We visited the Kupele Sklene Teplice spa on a breezy fall day for a relaxation.

The Glenwood Hot Springs Pool in Colorado.

Soaking Up History at the Glenwood Hot Springs

Glenwood Hot Springs in Colorado is the world’s largest hot springs pool. For 125 years, these waters have healed visitors, but there’s no more perfect way to end a day than soaking up the mineral waters.

Antique pool at Pamukkale Turkey hot springs

Soaking in Cleopatra’s Antique Pool at the Pamukkale Hot Springs

Since the 7th century, people have been coming to Pamukkale to soak in the unique “champagne waters” that are heated by geothermal activity. Since we are big fans of geothermal pools around the world, we knew we had to visit the Pamukkale hot springs and the Antique Pool.