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It is often said that New York City is the City That Never Sleeps. But it also has other nicknames: The Big Apple, The Capital of the World, the City of Dreams, Gotham, and even The Big Stink. For us, it will always be home. We lived here for many years and will always love New York City more than anywhere else.

The City (as we call it) is made up of five boroughs: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Islands. Most visitors to New York City will only care about the first one: Manhattan, but there are some interesting things in the other Boroughs. No matter where you visit, you’ll experience a liveliness and vitality not found anywhere else. There are hundreds of different ethnic communities in the city, each with own activities and food. The city is essentially a microcosm of the world. It really is true that you can come to New York and see the whole world in a day!