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The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania is one of the largest states on the eastern seaboard, despite having no direct oceanfront access to the Atlantic Ocean. The state is commonly said to be Philadelphia and Pittsburgh with Kentucky in between. While these derogatory statements might be amusing to some, it does have some truth. Large sections of the state are mountainous and extremely rural. But this means there’s a lot to explore in Pennsylvania.

Visitors should check out the historic sites of Philadelphia, the first capital of the United States of America. Constitution Hall, the Constitution Center and Ben Franklin’s house are all important places to visit. In Pittsburgh, there’s the birthplace of the American industrial complex – steel and transportation. The state is also home to the discovery of oil and engineering marvels like Horseshoe Curve. The state is also home to an exploding gastrotourism scene – from farm-to-table restaurants and grain-to-glass breweries and distilleries. And being located within a 4-hour drive of more than half of the country means it makes a great weekend getaway.

Raising a Glass at Southeast Pennsylvania Distilleries

The stills at Manatawny Still Works - one of the most popular Pennsylvania distilleries.

Across the United States, a revolution has been taking place: craft distilling. The movement that has been shaping the beer industry for the last 20 years has finally come to spirits. Despite Pennsylvania’s antiquated liquor laws, the craft revolution has finally come and there are a number of excellent Southeast Pennsylvania distilleries.

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