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There’s nothing quite like skiing. There’s the starkness of a world completely bathed in white. There’s the dullness of any sounds as the snow absorbs noise and creates a natural dampening field. And there’s the cold – harshness on your skin as the wind sucks all moisture from your body. And yet skiing may be one of the most awesome winter activities ever!

We don’t get to ski as frequently as we would like. Lance grew up in the mountains of Colorado and spent many winters on the slopes of the Rocky Mountains. However, after moving to the East Coast, we didn’t really get the chance to indulge for a long time. However, for the last couple of winters, we’ve made a point of getting out and hitting the slopes at least once a season. From the champagne powder of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains to the Appalachian Mountains of Pennsylvania, we search out the best, most exhilarating ski experiences.