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Luxury travel covers a broad stretch of the tourism sector, but there’s one thing that is always included: spas. Visiting a spa is one the highlights of any luxury trip. These experiences involve self-pampering that many people usually forego at home, but enjoy while on vacation. A spa experience can be just what you need to relax!

But while the concept sounds the same, the experiences vary wildly. Spas can have hot and cold pools to relax in. There are usually saunas and steam rooms of varying temperatures, sometimes aromatherapies. And there are usually services available. The most basic of these can be massages, often deep-tissue sports massage or the more relaxing Swedish massage. Aromatherapy, hot stone and other exotic massages have become increasingly popular spa services. Some spas have truly unusual options like volcanic ash mud baths, sensory deprivation tanks and other unusual activities. Here are some of our favorite experiences around the world.

The Cure of Bad Salzungen’s Keltenbad Spa

The Keltenbad spa in Bad Salzungen, Germany.

Like ghosts in the mist, white hooded bodies move silently through the 200 year old wooden structure. The dense fog strangles the senses as sight and sound are distorted. Slowly, the bodies pace back and forth. The only noise is the faint trickle of water. These pilgrims come to the Keltenbad spa (or Celtic Bath)

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