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For thousands of years, wine has been the beverage of choice for much of the world. The basics of wine production are simple: a fruit (usually grapes) is harvested and crushed, then a yeast is added which converts the sugar in the fruit juice to alcohol. It’s a simple chemical equation. The results are anything but simple. The resulting wine is a magical, delicious beverage layered with complex tastes and aromas that are the result of the land where the grapes are grown.

Wine tourism is big business. Wine regions around the world are among the top travel destinations: Napa, Sonoma, Tuscany, Boudreaux, Finger Lakes, and Mendoza. These destinations are so iconic they don’t need a state or even a country description. We all know where they are located.

Visiting vineyards and wineries are one of our favorite activities on our travels. Here are some of our favorite wine experiences.

The Distinctive Tastes of Creation Wines

The distinctively elegant wines from Creation Wines outside of Hermanus, South Africa.

South African wines are some of the best in the world. And many of the best South African wines come from the Hemel-en-Aarde Valley outside of Hermanus. Hemel-en-Aarde means “heaven on earth” in Afrikaans and we can attest to the fact that this is not an embellishment. We visited Creation Wines to taste the distinctively

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Five Amazing Wineries in Central PA

One of the wineries in Central PA.

Wines in Eastern United States have a reputation of being very sweet – something like drinking fortified grape juice. We were expecting our visit to the wineries in Central Pennsylvania to be more of the same, but we were wrong.

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Vienna’s Classic Heuriger Wine Restaurants

Heuriger patrons eating and drinking

On a cool evening, we boarded tram #D in Vienna and headed to the end of the line. When we travel, we look for “local experiences” and a local had told us about something called a heuriger in the Austrian capital. We didn’t understand the concept, but if it was a local restaurant that served wine,

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