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The Local View

Travel Addicts has a guest post series called The Local View. We are accepting guest blog posts from independent, non-commercial travel bloggers writing about their home towns. Many of us travel the world and write about it – but we often overlook the places closest to us. For this series, we turn our gaze towards home!

For The Local View, we are asking bloggers to think about the place where you live or where you call home. These posts go beyond the guidebook and the obvious. Everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Empire State Building in New York. Where would a local go? Where would they eat? What would they do? We all know those amazing local spots that haven’t been discovered or might be under appreciated – this is the chance to tell the world about it.

Some interesting ideas might be:

    – Becoming a world traveler without ever leaving Toronto (Toronto’s lesser explored ethnic neighborhoods)
    – An afternoon in La Jolla (the good life in San Diego)
    – More than the rust belt (the beauty of Detroit’s abandoned buildings and the surprising nightlife that happens inside them)

You can write about those things that make your place unique. Go ahead – inspire people to visit your hometown!

We are looking for contributions with a minimum of 2000 words with at least 8-12 high quality pictures. Photos should be horizontal/landscape, set at 1200 pixels wide in 300dpi. We will include two (2) links back to your independent travel blog from the post as well as promote your post via social media. Please note, we are unable to accept corporate sites, blogs that are anonymous, sites that have the sole/primary purpose of driving affiliate or advertising revenue. If you want to send us a link to your blog, we will tell you if we will accept it. Please use the contact form below.

We will not link to promotional sites or advertising partners (that’s not what this project is about). We will not accept posts from SEO companies or other corporate entities. We reserve the right to decline postings that are promotional or do not meet fit within the project (writing style/quality, etc.).

This is an opportunity to showcase yourself – and your hometown. Let’s see that local pride!

Thanks in advance,

Laura & Lance
Travel Addicts

Examples of The Local View articles:

To contribute, please submit this comment form.

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