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The only thing we knew about Zambia is that it was one of the two countries that borders the famous Victoria Falls – one of the largest waterfalls in the world. On our trip to Africa, we knew one of the things we wanted to do was visit the mile-wide Victoria Falls. But, as we discovered, there is a lot more to Zambia than this famous landmark.

In Zambia, we got to see elephants as they came to drink from the mighty Zambezi River. We got up close to hippos as they bobbed effortlessly in the rivers. We had magnificent stargazing in the completely dark skies. And we encountered a beautiful, proud, and thoughtful people. Of all of our experiences, meeting the Zambian people was the most rewarding. Here are some articles on our favorite Zambian experiences.

Approaching The Victoria Falls Livingstone, Zambia side through the trees

Victoria Falls is Gorges (and Wet)!

The roar was deafening – and we were still almost a half mile away from the falls. In the local language, they are called Mosi-oa-Tunya or “smoke that thunders” – which is a pretty accurate description of the Victoria Falls Livingstone side!

Sunset over the Zambezi River in Zambia

Total Relaxation at the Islands of Siankaba

The Islands of Siankaba is one of the most luxurious properties near Victoria Falls and Livingstone, Zambia. The place for romance and total relaxation. If there was ever a place to go and get away from it all, this is it!