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We are frequently asked how we are able to squeeze so much travel into our limited vacation time. One of our strategies is to maximize how we spend our limited days on vacation. We pack a lot into a short amount of time. Here we share the travel itineraries to get the most of our days.

Santiago Island, one of the islands of the Galapagos

The black sand landscape of Santiago Island in the Galapagos

Ecuador and Galapagos Itinerary (13 days): The Galapagos Islands is one of the most remarkable places on Earth. We added a week on mainland Ecuador to our week-long Galapagos cruise to get a better sense of the whole country. In two weeks, we zip lined over the Andes, explored the cloud forest, visited a local market, and snorkeled to our hearts’ content with amazing animals. We also learned about the history of Ecuador and the Galapagos and tried every traditional food we could.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is just one of the amazing things to see in Egypt

The Great Pyramid of Giza is just one of the amazing things to see in Egypt

Egypt Itinerary (14 days): In addition to being the world’s oldest civilization, Egypt is also the world’s first tourist destination. Despite the uncertainty of traveling just months after the January 25th Revolution, everything went fine. We were able to visit Cairo, head north to Alexandria, before heading south to cruise along the Nile River and visit the important sites at Abu Simbel, Luxor and the Valley of the Kings. We ended the trip on the beach at the Red Sea and doing some scuba diving.

The view from the tiny town of Suzette, France

The view from the tiny town of Suzette, France

South of France (11 days): Everything about the South of France and Provence is just darn amazing. In less than two weeks, we visited Roman ruins, drove through one of the world’s most famous wine regions, and relaxed in the Provencal sun. If that weren’t enough we visited seven (yes, seven!) of the famous local markets, walked in the steps of Vincent van Gogh, and spent countless hours just staring at gorgeous views. Plus, we experienced Airbnb for the first time and even tried a Provencal cooking project.

The landscape of Iceland will take your breath away. Take a look at this travel itinerary for driving the Ring Road.

The landscape of Iceland will take your breath away

Iceland Itinerary (10 days): Lance has been fascinated by Iceland since he saw the film Cold Fever while in college. Cold Fever is Friðrik Þór Friðriksson’s epic journey of a Japanese businessman into the heart of Iceland. This film captivates the senses! We were finally able to visit Iceland for 10 days, drive the epic Ring Road and soak in the Blue Lagoon.

Ireland is called the Emerald Isle for good reason. Take a look at this 11-day travel itinerary for visiting Ireland and Northern Ireland.

Ireland is called the Emerald Isle for good reason

Ireland and Northern Ireland (11 days): Ireland and Northern Ireland are beautiful countries with unique landscapes and the nicest people we’re met anywhere in the world. On our trip, we visited Dublin and Celtic ruins in Ireland. Following our time in the southern part of the island, we drove around the North, visiting sights like the Troubles Murals of Belfast, Giant’s Causeway, and the stunning Donegal peninsula.

Visiting the Uros Islands is one of the unique things to do in Peru

Visiting the Uros Islands is one of the unique things to do in Peru

Peru Itinerary (10 days): Peru was our first adventure in South America. We had almost no idea what to expect other than the anticipation that Machu Picchu would be astounding. And it was. To our great delight, we discovered that the rest of the country is, too. On our trip, we experienced the majestic ruins of the Sacred Valley, visited the Pisac market, got a taste of culture in Cusco and Lima, and walked on manmade islands in Lake Titicaca.

The view from South Africa's Table Mountain is spectacular. Take a look at this 14-day itinerary for South Africa and Victoria Falls.

The view from South Africa’s Table Mountain is spectacular

South Africa and Victoria Falls (14 days): A visit to South Africa is a trip of a lifetime. In two short weeks, we saw the Big Five animals on safari – elephants, rhinos, cape buffalo, cheetahs, and lions – and went wine tasting in some of the finest wine regions in the world. We drove the beautiful Cape Point route to the Cape of Good Hope and stood on the top of Table Mountain on a gorgeous afternoon. We also spent several days in Zambia enjoying the unique environment of an island in the Zambezi River and visiting Victoria Falls near the time of its peak flow.

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