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Red roofs of Dubrovnik, Croatia, with the ocean in the distance

With 50 countries across the regions of Europe, opportunities to explore feel almost endless.

For history buffs, there are battlegrounds, monuments, and museums. For cultural explorers, there are castles, markets, and immersive experiences. For foodies, there are Michelin-starred restaurants, cooking classes, and food markets. For outdoor and nature enthusiasts, there are mountains, parks, and fjords to explore.

Europe has it all. And we love it all.

From the food markets of Provence to the wineries of Tuscany, Europe is delicious. From Ireland’s green rolling hills to the pristine beaches of Albania, it is beautiful. From the couture capital of Paris to the hot springs of Budapest, Europe is a cultural playground.

Europe Travels

There are several countries that we can’t seem to stay away from on our travels. We have written extensively about:

Some of our favorite articles about things to do in Europe come from destinations we’ve visited several times. They include:







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Old Town Riga Latvia skyline – seeing it is one of the best things to do in Riga Latvia

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Half-timbered buildings in Nuremberg Germany

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