Red roofs of Dubrovnik, Croatia, with the ocean in the distance

For most North American travelers, the first real international travel experience is usually to Europe. There’s something about the continent that draws Americans. The majority of Americans can trace their roots back to European immigrants. For those without European ancestry, the people from across the Atlantic Ocean have shaped their lives. It certainly helps that most Europeans speak English easily and fluently, and the food closely resembles what we’re accustomed to in North America. For the majority of Americans, it can be reached in less than 8 hours of flying, which makes it an extremely accessible travel destination.

There’s so much to see, do and love in Europe. For history buffs, there are battlegrounds, monuments and museums. For cultural explorers, there are castles, markets, and immersive experiences. For foodies, there are Michelin-starred restaurants, cooking classes, and food markets. For outdoor and nature enthusiasts there are mountains and fjords to explore. Europe has it all. And we love it all. From the food markets of Provence to the wineries of Tuscany, Europe is delicious. From Ireland’s green rolling hills to the pristine beaches of Albania, it is beautiful. From the couture capital of Paris to the hot springs scene of Budapest, Europe is a cultural playground. Here are the best European experiences!

Visiting Crete brings pretty seaside towns and beautiful beaches

Is Crete Worth Visiting? 11 Reasons to Go Now

Some Greek islands are known for their beauty—the blue domes of Santorini and the white-washed buildings of Mykonos are the things dream are made of. But we had no immediate associations with Crete. Would visiting Crete be worth it?

Boats and houses along a canal near sunset in Haarlem, Netherlands

14 Things to Do on a Haarlem Day Trip

Haarlem is a dream. It has grand architecture, outdoor cafes, canals, and great museums all without the crowds of some of the larger cities in the Netherlands.

Church and the main square of the Nuremberg Christmas market, Christkindlesmarkt

The Magic of the Nuremberg Christmas Market

the visit to the Nuremberg Christmas market was a charming and romantic experience–where tourists and locals commune together in the cold and embrace the season. To put it simply, Nuremberg’s Christmas markets are absolutely enchanting.

Row of Yellow Cube Houses -- seeing them is one of the unique things to do in Rotterdam Netherlands

48 Hours in Rotterdam

Rotterdam is full of surprises. It’s a modern, vibrant city full of architecture, art, culture, and lots of great food.

Visiting outdoor cafes is one of the fun things to do in Bologna Italy

18 Great Ways to Experience the Best of Bologna

The energetic, historic capital of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna is our favorite type of city. It is large enough to have lots of things to see and do but is easy to navigate and lacks the crowds that can flood some of the bigger cities.

Seeing the city rooftops is one of the fun things to do in Oxford England.

27 Fun Things to Do on a Weekend in Oxford

Oxford was the place that made me want to become a traveler. It took me 20 years to return, and I spent two days both wandering in my old footsteps and doing some things for the first time.