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Trekking in Nepal best time of year: winter and spring when there isn't a lot of rain, but temperatures are still cool. If you look at things like World Expeditions reviews, you'll see a lot of the Nepal trekking packages are offered at that time of you. Photo courtesy of Susan Green.

Nepal is a country steeped in history and blessed with natural beauty. It is the birthplace Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism. Nepal is also the rooftop of the world: it is home to eight of the ten tallest mountains in the world, including Mount Everest. Visitors from around the world come to scale the peaks, but also to hike and trek in the beautiful Himalaya Mountains.

Unfortunately, Nepal has struggled with political instability. During Lance’s time living in Nepal (study abroad in college), an insurgent conflict became a full-fledged civil war. Instability has chased away many tourists and a devastating earthquake has reduced many of the country’s landmarks to ruins. Despite adversity, the Nepalese have an infectious spirit and welcome visitors. One of the things every visitor enjoys is sharing a cup of Chai tea and momo dumplings with a local. Nepal should absolutely be on your travel bucket list.

Nepalese prayer flags high in the snow covered Himalayas

Reflections After The Nepal Earthquake

I learned one key lesson in Nepal: never underestimate the resiliency of the Nepalese people. When you are born into one of the poorest countries on earth, you don’t have the luxury of failing. The Nepalese people have always found a way to overcome. In the aftermath of the Nepal Earthquake, I’m confident they will rebuild their lives…with a smile on their faces. That’s what you do in Nepal.

Man walking in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal near Braka

Buddhism and Bloodshed in the Nepal Civil War

Reflecting on my time in Kathmandu during the Nepal Civil War. Study abroad during college brought me to Kathmandu, Nepal to study physiology and Buddhism during the early days of this insurgent conflict.