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Of the many forts in Muscat, The Al Jalali Fort may be the most impressive. Seeing the forts are one of the top things to do in Muscat.

The small nation of Oman sits at the southeast end of the Arabian Peninsula between Yemen and the entrance to the Persian Gulf. Oman is located along the very important spice trade routes to Asia, so it has had strategic importance for centuries. Beginning in the 1500s the coast was colonized by the Portuguese, who built magnificent fortifications that stand to this day. Since the earliest days, the Omanis have always been focused on the sea.

Visiting Oman is a unique and intriguing experience. The country is devoutly Muslim and has one of the largest mosques in the world. Yet, Omanis are a relaxed and friendly people. The Portuguese forts still stand guard at the entrance to harbors. And the fish markets do a bustling business. There are small mountains, sheer sea cliffs, and in the desert you can find an oasis to beat the heat. Oman is an unusual place to visit, but a place we absolutely loved.

The Mwasalat Buses: Tips for Getting the Dubai to Muscat Bus

The northern coast of the Arabian Peninsula is populated by the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the nation of Oman. Oman was largely isolated form the world until the 1970s, so it still retains much of the charm that other countries in the region lack. Travelers who come to Dubai are often looking for a more authentic travel experience, which Muscat provides. Here is our ultimate guide to the Mwasalat Dubai to Muscat bus.

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