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There’s the Caribbean. There’s Central America. And then there’s Belize. This small county packs a punch. Known as British Honduras until 1981, independence has been kind to the country. Having the same Mayan cultural roots as its neighbors, Belize has an interesting. But many visitors only thing about the islands: the country has over 450 barrier islands that are perfect for a long vacation away from the world.

Situated along the Caribbean Sea, the country offers plenty of sun, sand, and activities in the water. The country is protected by the second longest barrier reef in the world: the Belize Barrier Reef. That means it is a perfect destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. The famed “Blue Hole” is arguably the most famous dive spot in the world – a coral ring that erupts with aquatic life. Unlike many dive destinations with rocky shorelines, it offers plenty of sand and palm trees for people who don’t like the water. Back on the mainland, there’s hiking, mountain biking, rafting, and tubing in the hills and jungles. Belize is the perfect spot for an adventure vacation and is well regarded for ecotourism opportunities.

Cave Tubing in Belize – Get Those Butts Up!

Our Guide Leading us Cave Tubing in Belize on the Caves Branch River

“Butts Up!” yelled a park ranger in a neon green t-shirt. Unfortunately, being in the front of our group, his warning came too late. My butt slammed into the rock just beneath the surface of the water. I thought to myself, that’s going to leave a bruise! Welcome to cave tubing in Belize.

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