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The underwater sculpture garden off the coast of Grenada

They call it the Spice Island, but Grenada is so much more than that. Located at the bottom of the Lesser Antilles island chain in the Caribbean, it’s the last stop before you hit South America. The island is located well to the south of most Caribbean islands. The shot is hot, the wind blows strong, and everywhere you look is beautiful. It’s perfect for growing spices (primarily nutmeg and vanilla beans) and also coca for chocolate, and the island still exports these crops. Largely settled by African slaves to do manual labor, there is a large community of people from India who came in the 1800s as indentured workers as well. Culturally, Grenada is a big stew of different groups.

Visitors come here for the weather and the beautiful sandy beaches. With consistent winds, sailing around Grenada and the Grenadine Islands is an extremely popular activity. The highlands offer opportunities for hiking, mountain biking, and river tubing. We fell in love scuba diving on the world’s first underwater sculpture park. But most visitors spend at least part of their on one of the many beaches doing absolutely nothing. Ah, paradise!