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The church in Andorra la Vella with the Pyrenees Mountains towering above.
Andorra isn’t exactly at the top of most traveler’s dream destination list. Most people can’t find it on a map, and for good reason: it’s one of the smallest countries in the world. It’s the 16th smallest to be exact. The tiny principality of Andorra is sandwiched between France and Spain, and located high in the Pyrenees Mountains. Fans of downhill ski racing may recognize the name as several popular races occur here during the winter months.

But on closer inspection, there’s a lot happening in this tiny country. There’s world-class nature (skiing in the winter and hiking or trekking in the summer), amazing restaurants, tax free shopping, wineries, and one of the world’s largest spas. Best of all, being centrally located, Andorra makes a great weekend getaway from anywhere in Europe.

A Weekend Getaway in Andorra

High in the Pyrenees Mountains is the tiny principality of Andorra. It’s the 179th largest country in the world, which is to say, it’s one of the smallest. Actually, it is the 16th smallest by size and is the 11th smallest by population. Despite its limited size, there are lots of great things to do in Andorra la Vella and the surrounding countryside.

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