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Houses in Kulusuk
The island state of Greenland is a curious place. It is an overseas territory of Denmark, but resides within North America. Despite its ‘green’ name, it is a land of gray and white. This sparsely populated island is almost completely covered in snow and ice. The bays and seas around Greenland are filled with beautiful white icebergs. It is a year-round winter wonderland for cross-country skiers and snowmobilers. In many ways it is as if time stands still here.

Yet change has come to Greenland. Climate change and global warming are melting the glaciers at unprecedented rates. The indigenous population that led a subsistence lifestyle just a few decades ago, now watches satellite TV, drives expensive quads ATVs, and eats frozen foods from factories in Europe and America. And the tourists have found Greenland. Once completely unknown, visitors have started to come and see this unusual spot of the globe. Here is our assessment this winter playground.