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Castle in Vaduz
The tiny principality of Liechtenstein is wedged between Switzerland and Austria in the Alps Mountains. It’s a mountain paradise that offers phenomenal skiing in winter and hiking in summer. It also offers favorable banking regulations and a very lax tax code making it a tax haven within Europe. Billions of Euros find their way here. Most tourists come as a day trip from neighboring Switzerland or on a weekend getaway from Germany.

If you’re a country collector, Liechtenstein is a ‘must get’ country. It’s one of Europe’s smallest independent states, but it packs a big punch and there’s plenty here for visitors to enjoy. The country has some fine museums; public art and interesting architecture in the capital of Vaduz; and world-class cultural performances take place around the year. Fine dining options are plentiful in the capital and in some of the small villages nearby. Liechtenstein makes a unique destination in the Alps.

Liechtenstein – Europe’s Great Little Country

“Why visit Liechtenstein?” I heard that question over a dozen times from friends when I told them of my plan to spend the weekend in this tiny country in the European Alps. My answer was always the same, “Why not?” While the Principality of Liechtenstein is the 6th smallest country in the world, I learned that great things can come in small packages!

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