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A highlight of my Zurich layover was a walking tour along the Limmat River.

Switzerland is a country we find ourselves returning to again and again. Zurich is one of our favorite transit airports in Europe (and we love the city too!). It makes a great layover city since the airport is close to town and easily accessible by tram. So while Zurich is known for banking and international business, it’s a great destination to visit. On Lance’s very first trip to Europe after college, it was his favorite country.

Outside of Zurich, there’s also a lot to love in Switzerland! The country is the capital of the Alps and has amazing skiing in the winter and hiking in the summer. The country’s cities (like Basel) are world renowned for contemporary art. The country is known for blending nature and culture into a unique cultural experience that visitors crave. Gastronomy is big in Switzerland and is so much more than fondue and raclette. Here are some of our favorite.