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Stroll along the Old Port is one of the top things to do in Montreal
The vast country of Canada is the second largest country on earth based on size. The country is also very diverse, having welcomed immigrants from around the world. You’ll find Chinatowns, Koreatowns and Ethiopiatowns around the country. All those immigrants have brought with them food…amazing, glorious and delicious food. You can sample all of the world’s cuisines and never leave the country. It is a cultural country with art, street art, and performing arts throughout the country.

Canada is also an adventure-lovers paradise. The geography includes the oceanic and maritime provinces on the east coast, which are perfect for sailing and kayaking. The St Lawrence River is one of the world’s most unique scuba diving destinations. In Alberta, you have the rugged Rocky Mountains, which are perfect for skiing and hiking. But perhaps most importantly, Canada may be the world’s nicest country. Everyone you meet will soon be your new best friend!