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The islands of the Bahamas are the closest tropical paradise to the U.S. mainland in the Caribbean. Spitting distance from Florida, travel is easy by both ferry and plane. As a bonus, there are over 700 islands and thousands of beaches to explore. Years ago, we came to the Bahamas on one of our most romantic vacations ever and love returning here to relive those moments. In recent years, we’ve come back on a Caribbean cruises since many of the cruise lines have their own private islands in the country.

In the Bahamas, you’ll come for the beaches and the cays, which are exposed coral reefs. But there’s more here than sand. Some of the world’s most impressive scuba diving sites are located in the country. A number of the James Bond films and other movies have filmed beach sequences here. The local Junkanoo Carnival is a spectacle of color and sound, and not to be missed. The islands have their local beers to explore and the local delicacy, conch, is incredible. There are many islands in the Caribbean, but there’s only one Bahamas.