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If we could go back to only one place and relive our travels, it would be Ireland. If there’s one country that just feels like home to us, it’s this one. We both claim ancestors from the Celtic Island. We’ve been to Ireland several times and fall even more in love with it each trip. Visiting the Celtic ruins is more mystical each time we go. Irish culture and music pull deeply on our heartstrings. There are no more welcoming people on the planet than the Irish. Put simply, we love Ireland.

Visitors should immerse themselves in “trad” or traditional Irish music, which can be found in many pubs. While there, enjoy a pint of the local beer or an Irish whiskey. The Celtic ruins throughout the country are not to be missed. The sea cliffs in the west of the country are the most impressive we’ve ever seen. Here are some of our favorite things to do in Ireland.

Road Tripping on Ireland’s Wild Atlantic Way

Ireland's Wild Atlantic Way in Donegal - the world's longest coastal touring route covering over 1,700 from Derry to Kinsale along Ireland's western coast.

We love road trips – there is nothing better than seeing a country one mile at a time. And no drive in the world is more epic than The Wild Atlantic Way in Ireland – the world’s longest coastal touring route. From castles to sea cliffs – this is a stunning journey!

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Ireland’s Celtic Ruins Are the Shit


Little turds lodged themselves into the tread of my hiking shoes. I thought about how this was going to make my rental car smell for the next two days. I wasn’t entirely thrilled by the prospect.

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The Troubles Murals of Derry, Northern Ireland

You Are Now Entering Free Derry, the most famous Derry mural

“You Are Now Entering Free Derry” – these are the six most powerful words in understanding the period known as The Troubles in Northern Ireland. Since the occupation and eventual partition of the island of Ireland in 1921, murals have been art, propaganda, and an emotional outlet for the residents of this city. As with

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