Central America & Caribbean

Boat floating in ocean with beach in foreground

The region known as Central America & Caribbean is really several sub-regions that lack any unifying elements other than they are largely tropical and warm. This is a catch-all category for basically anywhere someone may vacation. Beyond that, all of the countries here are independent and different. Most speak Spanish (but not all) and nearly all of them have had to deal with a colonial past to some degree. But looking beyond the palm trees and you’ll find some very interesting planes in Central America & Caribbean.

Many of the destinations in the Central America & Caribbean region can be explored on a cruise, but one day in each place doesn’t do it justice. From the incredible beaches of Antigua, Barbados, and the Dominican Republic to adventure destinations like Costa Rica and Belize, there’s a wide degree of activities here. We love our beach time, but also love scuba diving in Saint Lucia and Grenada. Perhaps this region is near and dear to our hearts because we got married here all those years ago. It’s a place where we found love and still love to go. When the weather turns cold, we head south!

Boxes of chocolate bars at Chocal in the Dominican Republic

Changing Lives with Chocolate in the Dominican Republic

We had barely stepped through the door when we were handed the hairnets. A crucial part of any food-related activity, the white, synthetic caps would ensure we were making quite a fashion statement for our morning at the chocolate factory.

The Lido deck and pool on Fathom's Adonia cruise ship

Culture and Comfort Aboard Fathom’s Adonia Cruise Ship

Hanging out at the pool, watching the sunset, visiting the midnight buffet—some experiences are common to every cruise. But some trips also offer something different. And that’s certainly the case with a trip on the Adonia.

View of Castillo San Cristóbal in San Juan, Puerto Rico from the water

An Epic Long Weekend in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico. There is so much that is misunderstood about this island. Yes, it’s a territory of the United States, but is far more than the “American Caribbean.” Here is our must do Puerto Rico itinerary for a long weekend.

The Vicissitudes at the Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park by Jason deCaires Taylor

Diving The Grenada Underwater Sculpture Park

On the sandy bottom of the sea floor in Molinere Bay lies a mystery. During our Grenada scuba diving adventure, we headed out to see what lurks beneath the surface. To our delight, we discovered the playful and whimsical Grenada underwater sculpture park.

Roseau, Dominica from the Morne Bruce Viewpoint.

Disappointed in Dominica

We’d heard a lot about the vast natural beauty of Dominica and were really looking forward to visiting this Caribbean island. We’d heard great things about Titou Gorge, snorkeling on the Champagne Reef and Trafalgar Falls. But, as we discovered on our Dominica tour, the island has a long way to go. We were definitely disappointed in Dominica.

Big Beards snorkel boat at Buck Island St. Croix

Finding Nemo at Buck Island in St. Croix

Buck Island is a national treasure and a great way to spend a day snorkeling while in the U.S. Virgin Islands. The island is the nesting home for green sea turtles and endangered Leatherback turtles. But the real treasure at Buck Island is the 4,500 acre underwater reef lying just off shore. It is one of only two underwater national monuments in the United States.

Our guide leading us cave tubing in Belize on the Caves Branch River

Cave Tubing in Belize – Get Those Butts Up!

“Butts Up!” yelled a park ranger in a neon green t-shirt. Unfortunately, being in the front of our group, his warning came too late. My butt slammed into the rock just beneath the surface of the water. I thought to myself, that’s going to leave a bruise! Welcome to cave tubing in Belize.

Cruise ship at Half Moon Cay Beach

Private Island Life: Half Moon Cay Excursions (and Tips!)

The ultimate guide to Half Moon Cay excursions covers activities on the private island, along with information about lunch, tips, and fun facts. There is also a Half Moon Cay map to plan your adventure. Shared by Holland America and Carnival Cruises, Half Moon Cay, Bahamas is a favorite beach stop for many people.

View of Trunk Bay St John from the overlook

Getting to Trunk Bay, St. John

Instead of taking a shore excursion, we researched how to get to Trunk Bay from St Thomas on our own. It was a great day with great snorkeling.