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Albania isn’t high on many traveler’s lists…but maybe it should be. The country has had a long and storied history. Throughout the country, you’ll find Greek and Venetian/Italian influences. Despite suffering for years under a paranoid, Communist regime led by Enver Hoxha, the country is now flourishing. Officially a Muslim country, it is peaceful and tolerant. Once the butt of jokes across Europe, the country is transforming and embracing its future.

For the traveler, Albania offers so much. There is a rich cultural heritage, first-rate museums, and incredible architecture blending new perspectives on old-world charm. There’s also a temperate climate, world-class beaches, amazing wines, incredible food featuring delicious fresh vegetables and grilled meats…and all at ridiculously low prices. Albania may well be the most affordable travel destination in Europe. The country is way off the radar for a lot of travelers, but we found it was a great off-beat destination at reasonable prices. Here are some of our favorite things about Albania.

What is Albanian Food, Anyway?

Albanian food has aspects of Greek, Italian, and Turkish cuisine. Take a look at the delicious options in Albanian cuisine.

As with everything else when we started planning our trip to Albania, the idea of Albanian food was a big question mark in our minds. For no good reason, our expectations weren’t high, but we assumed we would make the best of whatever we were faced with.

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Five of the Most Affordable Cities to Visit in Europe Now

There are so many affordable cities to visit in Europe that have lots to offer. Budapest, Riga, Tirana, Vilnius, and Krakow are some of our favorite wallet-friendly options.

When most people think of affordable travel destinations, they think of Asia or certain parts of Central and South America. Europe doesn’t usually make the cut. But the dollar is particularly strong right now, and there are so many cheap places to visit in Europe that have lots to offer.

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