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If you can't decide what to do in Bruges in one day, take a canal cruise!

A small country in Western Europe, Belgium is unique in that it has two main languages—Dutch, which is spoken mostly by the Flemish population, and French, which is spoken mostly by the Walloon population. Luckily for visitors, English is also ubiquitous. Belgium has been a constitutional monarchy since 1831 but suffered heavily due to occupation and fighting during both World Wars. Thankfully, much of its fine art and its remarkable, intricate buildings survived the devastation of the wars.

Belgium is a great option for visitors. There are lots of fun things to do in Brussels, including walking the entertaining Comic Strip Route, visiting the UNESCO World Heritage Site of the Grand Place, visiting Cantillon Brewery, and trying delicious traditional food. The smaller city of Bruges offers endless eye candy in the form of remarkable buildings and gorgeous canals that make you wonder if you’ve just stepped onto a movie set or into a fairy tale. Ghent and Antwerp also offer excellent options for cultural experiences and sightseeing.