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There are few places in the world that can match Italy as a travel destination. Much of what the world has for culture or civilization has come from or through it at one point in time. The Venetians and the Romans were pioneers of global navigation, international commerce, and conquest. Much of what the world has in terms of wine and viticulture can be attributed to the Italians. And then there’s the Renaissance and art! All of this makes the country one of the most dynamic and interesting to experience.

From our first trip to Milan, we were smitten. On subsequent trips to Rome we developed a lust for this country. And during our explorations of the hills of Tuscany around Saturnian and San Gimignano, we fell madly in love. From food and wine to the incredible art and history, there is much to explore and love about Italy. There are many great travel destinations, and then there’s Italy.

Market Day and Sightseeing in Siena, Italy

multiple cheeses at the Siena market

It’s Wednesday. And that means it’s market day in Siena, Italy. We love local markets around the world and we were excited to see this one. We left the hotel mid-morning headed for the Fortezza. This is was an absolutely horrible decision and landed us in traffic for nearly an hour as we tried to

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A Legendary Mistake: The Leaning Tower of Pisa

Campo dei Miracoli

It’s interesting to think that without a rather dramatic flaw in engineering, Pisa wouldn’t be nearly the tourist center that it is. Nevertheless, Pisa is one of those places you almost feel like you have to visit, especially when you’re only 45 minutes away in Florence. The attractions in Pisa are concentrated within a few

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