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The town of Positano on the Amalfi Coast...complete with a palm tree.
There are few places in the world that can match Italy as a travel destination. Much of what the world has for culture or civilization has come from or through it at one point in time. The Venetians and the Romans were pioneers of global navigation, international commerce, and conquest. Much of what the world has in terms of wine and viticulture can be attributed to the Italians. And then there’s the Renaissance and art! All of this makes the country one of the most dynamic and interesting to experience.

From our first trip to Milan, we were smitten. On subsequent trips to Rome we developed a lust for this country. And during our explorations of the hills of Tuscany around Saturnia and San Gimignano, we fell madly in love. Visiting Sicily only deepened our appreciation.

From food and wine to the incredible art and history, there is much to explore and love about Italy.

Fruits and vegetables at one of the Palermo markets in Sicily

Exploring the Historic Street Markets of Palermo, Sicily

Tables filled with exotic produce, deep fryers sizzling with fritters, Sicilian nonnas snaking their carts through the crowds to visit the vendors they’ve purchased from for decades. It’s just another typical morning in the Palermo markets.

Visiting outdoor cafes is one of the fun things to do in Bologna Italy

18 Great Ways to Experience the Best of Bologna

The energetic, historic capital of Italy’s Emilia-Romagna region, Bologna is our favorite type of city. It is large enough to have lots of things to see and do but is easy to navigate and lacks the crowds that can flood some of the bigger cities.

People soaking in the Vulcano Island mud baths in Italy.

Indulging in the Vulcano Island Mud Baths

Like many of our trips, this one started out with a simple musing: “I wonder if they have any hot springs in Sicily.” We’re passionate about hot springs and we thought maybe we would get lucky, but had no idea it would lead us to the Vulcano Island mud baths in the Aeolian Islands.

Fresh vegetables at a market in Italy

From Focaccia to Fish: Sampling the Best of Genoa Food

One of the interesting things about Italy is that each region has its own cuisine. While there are some commonalities, there are significant differences in what’s traditional and readily available on menus in different areas.