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2019 Photo Montage

2019–Our Year in Photos

We take an embarrassing number of photos every year. Here’s a look at some of our favorites and the adventures that went with them this year.

"Jesus is Coming" sign during a snowstorm

Our Biggest Travel Mistake (So Far)

We have been lucky to have very few crummy travel days across the five continents we’ve visited. But our worst travel experience and biggest travel mistake happened just a couple of weeks ago, practically in our own backyard…and it was all our fault.

Decals in windows promoting TripAdvisor reviews

What’s Wrong with TripAdvisor, and What to Do About It

In the travel industry, nothing can touch TripAdvisor. It’s the gold standard for reviews and comparison shopping for hotels, restaurants and excursions. Yet, just below the surface, there are some major problems with the service. There’s a dark side that is widely discussed in the industry, but rarely acknowledged to consumers: there’s a huge problem with fake TripAdvisor reviews. Here’s what you really need to know about TripAdvisor.