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How to Create Your Own Travel Scrapbook Album

Scrapbooking is a wonderful way to preserve travel memories, especially for those who love to craft. You’ll be arranging the photos, pages, title, and designs in an attractive layout for everyone to enjoy later on.

If you’ve been scrapbooking ever since you were a kid, you’ll probably enjoy it even more now, especially if you’re a travel enthusiast. That said, here’s how to create a travel scrapbook album.

The Basic Supplies You’ll Need

Cardstocks: This can either be plain or textured paper. What’s important is to ensure that the kind of paper you’re going to use is acid-free.
Scissors: Craft scissors, as well as a pair of standard scissors are very important. You’ll have to cut some of the photos and papers into your desired shapes.
Journaling Pen: These pens are specifically designed for scrapbooking as they’re acid-free and fade proof.
Adhesives: Always opt for an acid-free glue. It can be liquid, glue dots, or even glue-tapes.
Embellishments: There are a lot of embellishments to choose from, you might also choose to make your own embellishments.
Scrapbook Vinyl Cutter: Aside from craft scissors, it’s also ideal to have a scrapbook vinyl cutter with you. They are perfect for creating and cutting stickers, titles, and detailed die cuts.
Scrapbook Album: Of course, you’ll need an album that would serve as a “house” for your memories.
Unique Items from Your Vacation: Keep hold of some of your travel memories that you can include in the album. These could ticket stubs, postcards, small trinkets, and other souvenir items.

How to Create your Album

Step 1: Create the Cover
It’s a scrapbook album, and you know what that means– a cover image is very important! This should be something that would inspire you to travel even more, at the same time, it should also remind you of your fondest travel memories.

Be as creative and artistic as possible. Embellish the cover with lots of stickers, glitters, and whatever takes your fancy.

Step 2: Choosing the Photos
If you’re a travel nomad, it might be a little difficult to pick out only a few of your travel moments and photographs to include in your scrapbook album. Try to pick the photos based one the moments you consider to be the most important. Photos that bring up emotions and memories are also great choices!

Postcards and cards can also be a part of your travel album, so buy some whilst you are on holiday to bring back home. The album will be fun to create, as you’ll also be reliving those holidays.

Step 3: Placement of Page Elements
If you have a theme, it’s very important to be consistent with your layout design to give the album a unified look. Play with the placement for your photos, titles and embellishments. You can find loads of page layout ideas online if you struggle.

Step 4: Time to Glue Them All
After you have designed your layout, then it’s time to glue the pieces together! If it’s possible to back each page with a colorful cardstock, then do so. It will add more life to your scrapbook! Then, just glue the photos and elements on that page. Don’t forget to write a word or two about that trip to help tell the story.

Additional Tip

Always make it a habit to take something from each place you visit. By doing so, you’ll have a collection from all over the globe. You can collect magnets, postcards, ticket stubs, and so on. This might be boring for some, but it’s something you can put in your scrapbook to help tell your story.

Scrapbooking is a brilliant way to preserve your stories and memories from your trip. It is also a very beneficial activity if you find that post travel depression sets in when you get back home.

Sam is obsessed with scrap booking and loves to record her travel memories in scrapbook albums. She keeps hold of all my ticket stubs and grabs other unique travel memorabilia to add to her albums as well. When she’s not traveling you will find her in her craft room. Find out more about Sam here.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.