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If it isn’t obvious, we travel a lot. This blog started with the goal of showing working professionals how they could explore the world on a limited amount of vacation time. One of our core strategies is picking hotels that deliver incredible experiences and are in great locations. This collection of hotel reviews fits that bill. Most of these properties would be considered up-market or luxury in their respective destinations.

Hotel reviews like these are a great way to virtually experience a property and decide if it is right for you. Vacation travel is an investment in your happiness and you want to make sure you are getting good value for money. These hotel reviews help you with that decision.

The Nautical Appeal of the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel

The Annapolis Waterfront Hotel is the only hotel right on the water in downtown Annapolis.

When it comes to visiting Annapolis, there are hotels and then there is the Annapolis Waterfront Hotel. With its prime location right on the water and its relationship with the U.S. Naval Academy, there is no better way to experience Maryland’s capital.

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A Poconos Weekend Escape at Split Rock Resort

Lark Harmony at Split Rock Resort.

The elusive weekend getaway is something many people struggle to find. It can’t be too far away, but it needs to offer enough to keep you busy. In family friendly entertainment, the Split Rock Resort makes an excellent weekend getaway in the Poconos Mountains.

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Beachfront Comfort at The Sand Pebbles Inn

The Sand Pebbles Inn atop a bluff at Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California.

The rhythmic throbbing of the tide as it tumbled against the rocks welcomed us to Cambria. We’d come to the blue and white-trimmed Sand Pebbles Inn to enjoy California’s Central Coast. Perched atop a small bluff above Moonstone Beach in Cambria, the hotel has stunning views of the Pacific Ocean. The Sand Pebbles Inn is

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