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Practice makes perfect! Work on the camera settings to improve your northern lights photography.
This sliver of land in the North of the world was never high on our list – but it should have been. Norway is quite simply one of our favorite travel destinations. The country has a long, storied history of adventure: the Norwegians were the world’s original explorers. The Vikings setting out from Norway traveled to Iceland, Greenland, and the New World. Closer to home, this was the farthest reaches of the Hanseatic League. It is had an out-sized impact on world events.

When it comes to travel, it is an incredible destination that offers a wide range of activities. It is an outdoor and adventure lover’s paradise. In the winter, you can experience skiing, dog sledding, and snowshoeing, and then there are the Northern Lights throughout the long nights. In the summer, travelers can experience hiking and exploring the fjords of the west coast. Cities like Bergen and Oslo offer cosmopolitan cultural delights and world-class dining. Norway is unlike any other country in the world and is one of our favorite travel destinations ever.