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France is the most visited country on Earth. It shouldn’t surprise anyone that more people travel here than anywhere else. Located at the heart of Western Europe, it is a transportation hub and easily reached from anywhere in the world. For any traveler, there’s just so much to see and do in France. This is a country of history and culture…and wine.

While Paris has a great deal to offer travelers to France (and ought to be visited at least once in your life), there’s a great amount to see besides the capital. The war sites in Normandy are legendary and any visitor from one of the Allied countries feels a deep, emotional connection to the battles fought here. The wine regions of Champagne, Bordeaux, the Alsace, and the Cote du Rhone are among some of the best in the world. But there is no place quite like Provence, from Van Gogh’s residence and the Roman ruins to the markets and the wineries, it just doesn’t get any better than this.

A Day on the Cotes du Rhone Wine Road

Vineyards and mountains of France's Cotes du Rhone

France’s hospitable Cotes du Rhone region is famous for its wine, but the appeal goes beyond that. It offers charming villages, ancient ruins, and views that will make you want to stay awhile.

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Postcards from Provence

One of the many cute cafes in Avignon, France. A trip to Provence is utterly picturesque | Postcards of Provence

Provence is the stuff that dreams are made of. We fell in love with all the sights, flavors, and history of this divine place, and these photos will show you why.

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Waters of Life Flow at Manguin Distillery

Manguin Distillery in Avignon, France, is known for its Poire Williams Eau de Vie. The distillery puts glass bottles around pear blossoms to "imprison" the fruit within the bottle.

It’s not apparent at first what’s taking place in the lush, green orchard. As far as you can see, glass bottles hang from the trees. But once you see the sign for Manguin Distillery, it all makes a bit more sense.

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