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For both of us, early trips to Mexico when we were children were transformative experiences. We both remember the poverty and nearly third-world status of our neighbors to the south. Those days are long gone. By nearly every economic measure, Mexico is a middle-class country. There’s still a disparity and our dollars go further, but Mexico has changed…for the better.

In recent years, we’ve fallen in love with this beautiful country; it’s proud, hard-working people; and the food…the food we love above all others. From scuba diving in Cozumel to the beaches of Riviera Maya, this is one of our favorite places on the planet to visit! But there’s so many other things to do here: swimming in cenotes, zip-lining in the forest canopy, whale-watching in the waters of the Pacific Ocean, hiking in the mountains, and wandering the narrow lanes of local markets in nearly every town you visit. Here are some of our favorite experiences in Mexico.

Celebrating Day of the Dead in Mexico

Woman with her face painted for the Day of the Dead festival at Xcaret in Playa del Carmen, Mexico

The colors, sights, and frenetic energy of the festival came flying at us. There were people everywhere—some in traditional clothing searching for the face painting station, some making their way to the next cultural performance, some just looking for the nearest taco stand. We were swept up in it all.

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Adventure on the Ruta de Los Cenotes

Exploring the Ruta de los Cenotes on Mexico's Riviera Maya.

Visiting a cenote is one of the most popular things to do on a trip to Mexico. These fresh water sinkholes are the perfect way to cool off after exploring the Mayan ruins or simply on a hot day. This is the Ruta de Los Cenotes (or the Cenotes Trail).

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