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30+ Things to Do in Austin According to a Local

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Austin is like nowhere else in Texas. With ubiquitous live music and street art and a ridiculous amount of breakfast tacos and breweries, the city is brimming with character. As a native Texan and adopted Austinite, my sister has spent the last several years discovering all the fun things to do in Austin that locals love and aren’t tourist traps. I’ve been lucky to have her as a guide to explore the best Austin attractions you’ve heard of and many that may not be on your list yet.

Things to do in Austin

Here’s a look at some of our favorite things to do in Austin, as guided by a local.

Barton Springs

People swimming in the natural spring at Barton Springs Pool
People enjoying Barton Springs Pool

When we’re looking to escape the Texas heat, Barton Springs is one of our favorite places to go when we visit Austin. Within the 358-acre Zilker Park, Barton Springs is a refuge in the city.

Spanning 3 acres in South Austin, the Barton Springs Pool is fed by underground springs that stay 68-70 degrees year-round. For reference, that’s about 10-14 degrees cooler than the average swimming pool. Jumping in can be a shock, but we got used to it quickly, and the cold is welcome on a sweltering Texas afternoon.

Barton Springs is open year-round, but it’s closed during the day on Thursdays for regular cleaning.

Wondering where to stay in Austin?

Vibrant boutique hotel – South Congress Hotel

Top-rated convenience – Hyatt Place Downtown Austin

Luxury downtown accommodations – Fairmont Austin

Customized comfort – The Carpenter Hotel

You’ll find more details about where to stay at the end of this article.

Street art

Colorful street art mural "Greetings from Austin"

Like Nashville, New York, and San Francisco, Austin is known for its street art. In prominent places and tucked away in alleys, we found beautiful works of art all over the city.

"I love you so much" mural

One of Austin’s most iconic street art pieces started out as a love note and has taken on a life of its own in merchandise, pop culture, and even as a gif on Instagram. The “I Love You So Much” mural on the side of Jo’s Coffee on South Congress Avenue is one of the most popular places to visit in Austin for photos. There is also the “Hi, How Are You?” mural made famous by Kurt Cobain and the all-about-Austin postcard “Greetings from Austin” on the side of Roadhouse Relics, just to name a few.

Keep your eyes open for other great works as you walk around the city or put together a tour of your favorites.

This guided mural tour will take you to some of Austin’s most famous murals.

Texas Capitol

Texas State Capitol building
Texas State Capitol building in downtown Austin

The Texas State Capitol building is one of the top Austin attractions. You can learn about Texas history and visit key areas of the Capitol on one of the free tours that happen throughout the day. If a guided tour is more time that you want to spend, you can do what we did–walk around the rotunda on your own and see the many statues on the grounds outside.

For a top-rated tour of the Capitol and to see other fun places in Austin, check out this small group tour.

Circular pattern inside the dome of the Texas State Capitol building in Austin TX
A look inside the Capitol’s dome

Jester King

Visitors sitting at picnic tables and walking near barn
People hanging out at Jester King brewery

Jester King is one of the best craft breweries in Austin and possibly my sister’s favorite place. On the outskirts of the city, Jester King brews farmhouse ales and barrel-aged wild ales on a 165-acre property they call “the farm.”

With over 60 draft options, you could visit over and over and never have the same thing twice. In addition to the beer, you can have cider and wine from Texas and beyond. There is also a restaurant with a wide selection of appetizers and pizzas to soak up the alcohol. As an interlude from the eating and drinking, check out one of the tours or some of the games available to play.

The Salt Lick

Sausage and meat cooking over open fire at The Salt Lick
Meat cooking over coals at The Salt Lick

Growing up in Dallas, we learned a thing or two about good BBQ, and Austin is home to some of the best in the country.

One favorite that we’ve returned to again and again is The Salt Lick. Their award-winning brisket, ribs, sausage, and pulled pork are slow-cooked in their famous pits in the Texas Hill Country. Their main location is a half-hour from downtown in Driftwood, or you can visit their restaurant in the airport or in nearby Round Rock.

Other barbecue favorites include Franklin Barbecue (be prepared for the wait), Terry Black’s, and StileSwitch BBQ & Brew.

Esther’s Follies

Costumed vaudeville performers on stage
A comedy sketch at Esther’s Follies

With unusual sketches, comedy bits, and some magic thrown in, Esther’s Follies has been entertaining the city for over 40 years. In five shows each weekend, the modern-day vaudeville show treats viewers to a healthy dose of satire and off-beat comedy. The shows are full of surprises, and one thing we didn’t expect is that they use their windows overlooking Sixth Street to their advantage–some of the action takes place right outside on the street in downtown Austin.

Ranch 616

Bottle of Topo Chico next to a glass with a slice of lime
Ranch Water is the thing to try at Ranch 616

Ranch 616 is the home of Austin’s unofficial cocktail, Ranch Water. Trying it is one of the must-do Austin activities.

With tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur, Ranch Water’s ingredients bear a striking similarity to those in a margarita, but it’s topped off with many Austinites’ favorite drink–the sparkling mineral water called Topo Chico. It’s light, refreshing, and packs a surprising punch, so make sure to hydrate along the way.

Rainey Street

Probably the most unique street in the city, Rainey Street is filled with cute craftsmen houses from the 1930s that have been re-purposed as bars. Everywhere you look there are patios decked out in lights, food trucks, restaurants, and people. So many people. In fact, I hesitated to put Rainey Street on the list of places to see in Austin because it’s such a tourist attraction. Locals do go there, but it’s somewhat infrequent and almost never on the weekends.

If you decide to go to Rainey Street, consider an off-peak time and set your expectations accordingly. Check out Craft Pride for Texas beers or Half Step for great cocktails. Geraldine’s at Hotel Van Zandt is a perfect place for lunch or happy hour, and Via 313 is a favorite for Detroit-style pizza.

Lucy in Disguise

Mannequins wearing costumes and animal masks
Some of the unusual costumes at Lucy in Disguise

Doing its part to keep Austin weird, fanciful, and incognito, Lucy in Disguise with Diamonds is the place to go for a costume. Its 8000 square feet are packed with masks, wigs, props, accessories, and any costume you could dream up. It’s easy to lose yourself in the racks and rows of fun things to look at whether you’re looking for a flapper dress, spacesuit, or something else unique. I found myself mesmerized with the variety.

Lucy in Disguise rents and sells costumes, so it’s easy to walk out with something fun, even if it’s not Halloween.


Hand holding a tiki glass
A classic tiki drink at Midnight Cowboy

One of our favorite ways to escape the crowds is at a speakeasy. These Prohibition-era bars are generally a little difficult to find, but, once you’re inside, they’re a throwback to another time.

Speakeasies are a paradise for lovers of craft cocktails, and visiting one is one of the most fun things to do in Austin. Our favorites (so far) are Midnight Cowboy and Small Victory. Hidden in a former brothel behind a nondescript door, Midnight Cowboy might be one of the only reasons a local would head to Dirty 6th (the strip of raucous bars otherwise known as 6th Street). Its dark leather interior and top-notch service create a welcoming environment to try one of their signature tiki drinks or a classic cocktail.

At Small Victory, there’s no secret buzzer or password, though you may find yourself wondering if you’re in the right place. A couple of doors and a small flight of stairs are the only thing between you and cocktail heaven. They also offer a selection of charcuterie and cheese plates.

The Oasis

Sunset over lakeside restaurant in Austin TX
An incredible sunset over Lake Travis

Texas sunsets are legendary. About 15 miles from downtown Austin, The Oasis on Lake Travis is one of the best places to see them.

With a multi-deck patio overlooking the lake, the Oasis has unparalleled views. There is a restaurant, but it serves up to 2500 people and doesn’t accept reservations, so set your expectations and patience accordingly if eating there is a priority (though it probably shouldn’t be).

Our best advice is to eat before or after your visit so you don’t have to deal with the wait. Instead, spend your time at the Oasis hitting the bar at Oasis Brewing Company and enjoy your tasty beverage while watching the sky light up at twilight. The secret is that the colors get even better after sunset. It truly is spectacular and one of the most unique things to do in Austin.

Congress Bridge bats

People on bridge overlooking water and boats in lake
Crowds take to the bridge and the water to see the bats

Most people may not think bats and big cities go together…unless you live in Austin. In the warmer months, bat watching is actually one of the most fun activities in Austin.

The Congress Avenue Bridge is home to a massive colony of Mexican Free-Tailed Bats—the largest urban bat colony in North America. Not only do they help with the fierce Texas mosquitoes, but they put on a nightly show.

From spring through early fall, the bats start their flight around sunset and continue flying for as long as 2-3 hours. At the height of the season, there may be as many as 1.5 million bats taking to the air above Lady Bird Lake.

Boat under bridge with people standing above

Arrive at least an hour before dusk in order to find parking and get your spot. The Statesman Bat Observation Center adjacent to the bridge is a great place to go, but there are other vantage points along the Butler Hike & Bike Trail and on the bridge itself, though it can get quite crowded.

We’ve watched from the bridge in the past but most recently took to the water to watch the bats from a boat, which puts a fun, more relaxing spin on the evening because you get dinner and drinks, too.

Prohibition Creamery

Dish of ice cream in front of a drawing of a penguin holding a bottle
One of the tasty treats at Prohibition Creamery

If whiskey chocolate or sangria sorbet sounds like something you need in your life (trust us, you do), Prohibition Creamery is a must-visit in Austin. The shop combines two of our favorite treats—alcohol and ice cream—into a fabulous dessert.

The ice creams and sorbets at Prohibition Creamery are made in small batches from local ingredients. You can try them in scoops, shakes, and floats or just go straights for the cocktails.

Mozart’s Coffee Roasters

People sitting at picnic tables on a patio by Lake Austin
The patio at Mozart’s

Mozarts’s Coffee Roasters might be the prettiest spot in Austin to sip a latte. Overlooking Lake Austin, the café is the perfect place to be for a moment of Zen, enjoying a pastry and watching the boats bob by just a few feet away.

Mozart’s serves gourmet coffees from around the world that are roasted on-site several times a week. From cannolis and macarons to quiches and empanadas, they also offer a wide range of homemade sweet and savory treats. You can enjoy them all in the shade on the patio while taking advantage of the free wifi. If you’re visiting Austin at Christmas, don’t miss Mozart’s popular annual holiday light show.

Chicken Shit Bingo

Chicken eating seed standing on a board with numbered squares
A chicken at work

Near the top of the list of unique Austin traditions, you’re sure to find Chicken Shit Bingo. For over 20 years, this unusual game has filled Sunday afternoons at The Little Longhorn Saloon.

For a small donation, visitors purchase tickets and eagerly wait to see where the chickens will do their business on a giant bingo board. There’s live music, plenty of beer and cider, and lots of cheering when the chickens get going. It’s definitely one of the things you have to experience in Austin.

Austin Eastciders

Pint of cider on table with Austin Eastciders logo

We discovered Austin Eastciders at a restaurant near us in Pennsylvania, and since its tasting room is just down the street from my sister in Austin, visiting was a must.

Austin Eastciders has 10-12 different ciders at any given time, ranging from hopped to honey to blood orange. They have a lot of fruit options that focus on flavor without being sweet. Our group included non-beer drinkers like me along with lovers of IPAs, hops, and sours, and everyone found something they liked.

The laid-back bar has picnic tables, games, and a dog-friendly patio. Plus, they offer special releases that aren’t available anywhere else.

Wright Bros Brew and Brew

Computer and root beer on a table
Getting a little work done at Wright Bros.

If you’re looking for a great coffee shop, a bar, a place to hang out, or a spot to get some work done, Wright Bros. Brew and Brew has you covered on all fronts. In East Austin, this multi-purpose space has a full espresso bar and nearly 40 taps of craft beer and cider, so you can find your drink of choice all day long. There is also a little bit of food and free wifi.

Lala’s Little Nugget

Lala's sign surrounded by Christmas ornaments

It’s always Christmas at Lala’s Little Nugget. This local bar is decked out year-round with Christmas lights, reindeer, Santa, and more. With Christmas-themed cocktails like the Snowball and Grandma’s Boozy Eggnog, it’s the ideal place to get into the holiday spirit whether it’s April or December.


T-shirts and hats on display for sale
Just a sampling of the offerings at A-Town

A-Town is full of personality. From jewelry to clothes to home goods, this shop is packed with fun gifts, treats, and souvenirs. In addition to all the slogan t-shirts you could want, you’ll also find work by local artists and designers. Depending on the time of your visit, you might be able to indulge in complimentary chocolate chip cookies or mimosas while you browse.

HOPE Outdoor Gallery

Artist spray painting a white design at HOPE Outdoor Gallery
HOPE Outdoor Gallery is always evolving

Since 2010, artists have visited the HOPE Outdoor Gallery to add their work to the collection of spray-painted treasures that adorn the walls. Once an abandoned construction project, every inch of the area is decorated with unique images of street art.

Every day, people visit to climb around on the concrete slabs to see the art or to make their own in this unusual public space. From cartoon characters to cats in space, there is all kinds of imagery, and there is always some kind of activity going on. The gallery has become a gathering spot and is used for dance classes, dinner parties, and other fun events.

The original HOPE Outdoor Gallery in downtown Austin closed in 2019, but it is slated to reopen in 2020 near Carson Creek Ranch by the airport.

Local distilleries

Bottles and cocktail at Still Austin Whiskey Co
Whiskeys at Still Austin distillery

We love people who are passionate about what they do, and we love good cocktails. Luckily, that makes craft distilleries a perfect fit for our list of things to do around Austin. Seriously, if you’ve never had a chance to take a distillery tour with the distillers themselves, do it—they love geeking out and sharing their passion for making great spirits. There are several distilleries to choose from in Austin and within a half-hour drive of the city.

Still Austin Whiskey Co. is our choice in the city. It’s the first whiskey distillery in Austin since Prohibition and keeps true to its roots using Texas grains and botanicals. They’re open for tours and tastings, or you can stop by for a cocktail at the bar and some live music and food trucks. I loved their Old Fashioned.

Within a half-hour of downtown, you can find three more great distilleries in nearby Dripping Springs. San Luis Spirits, the makers of Dripping Springs Vodka and Gin, use handmade copper stills for their spirits. You can see their distillation process and try the spirits on a tour or in their tasting room. Not far away at Treaty Oak Distilling, you’ll find one of the coolest places to visit near Austin. You can hang out on the massive ranch, play games, check out their restaurant, and indulge in some of their whiskeys and gins, along with a few products you can’t find anywhere else.

Cocktail on a bar
The welcoming bar at Treaty Oak

Deep Eddy Vodka, which started in Austin, is now well-known around the US and the world. At their tasting room on Highway 290, you can get a lesson in the ingredients that go into their flavored vodkas, including real fruit juices, local honey, and Texas Hill Country water. Belly up to the bar to try one of their mason jar cocktails.

Alamo Drafthouse

Alamo Drafthouse is an Austin institution. It’s known for inventive festivals and for showing first-run and classic movies as well as blockbuster and art house films. It was one of the first movie theaters to add good food and beer to complete the movie-going experience. They even create unique menus to pair with the themes of certain movies. There’s always something new and different there.

The Drafthouse hosts special events throughout the year, but one of our favorite reasons to go is the regular Tuesday night trivia. Pop culture and movie experts will go far in trying to take home the night’s prize.

Tiff’s Treats

Tiff's Treats cookie
Peanut butter chocolate chip is the way to go at Tiff’s Treats

Tiff’s Treats is the perfect solution to a crummy day or the best way to make a good day even better. I mean, who doesn’t want freshly baked cookies right from the oven? No one.

The owners started the cookie company from their dorm rooms while students at the University of Texas, so indulging in their treats is truly one of the authentic things to do in Austin. At their locations all over the city (and throughout Texas), you can try over 10 varieties of cookies and brownies, plus ice cream and more. (Our favorite is the peanut butter chocolate chip.) Plus, Tiff’s Treats is known for being the first bakery in the U.S. to offer a warm cookie delivery service, so you can also enjoy them in your PJs in your hotel room.

Hamilton Pool

Grotto and pool at Hamilton Pool
Late afternoon at Hamilton Pool

Hamilton Pool is one of the most picturesque Austin sites and one of the top swimming holes in Texas. Located on a 234-acre nature preserve, Hamilton Pool draws people from all over central Texas.

The pool is the result of the collapse of an underground river, so it has a unique formation with a waterfall and even a tiny beach. You can bring a picnic, enjoy the (sometimes very cool) natural spring pool, or relax on the beach.

If Hamilton Pool is on your must do list in Austin, plan ahead—from March through October and weekends in November and December, you’ll need to reserve a 4-hour time slot for your visit. There are only 140 slots per day to protect the ecosystem, which means that the pool always feels like a bit of a private oasis. Bring close-toed shoes or water shoes for the rugged quarter-mile hike from the parking lot and for walking around the swimming area.

Tesoros Trading Company

Pillows and musician statues for sale in store
Pottery and pillows at Tesoros Trading Company

One of the anchors of South Congress Avenue, Tesoros Trading Company has an assortment of folk art, furniture, jewelry and decorations that are unlike anything else in Austin. Tesoros’ features works from 20 different countries, including places across South and Central America and Asia. If you’re in the market for a unique gift or souvenir, this is the place.

Deep Eddy Pool

People at a large swimming pool, Deep Eddy Pool in Austin
A relaxing morning at Deep Eddy Pool

Deep Eddy Pool has been a gem in Austin’s crown for over 100 years. This unique, freshwater pool offers wading for kids, lap swimming for adults, and pool-side movies in the summer. It’s a great location to cool off as the water ranges between 66 and 75 degrees.

What makes Deep Eddy so special is that you feel like you’re far away from everything, surrounded by trees at the bottom of a hill. Yet, you’re really just 5 minutes from downtown Austin.

Deep Eddy is filled with fresh well water and isn’t chlorinated. As a result, moss grows on the bottom of the pool and can be bit slick. Consider wearing water shoes to make it a little easier to manage getting in and out.

Pool Burger

Two cocktails in tiki glasses
Tiki drinks at Pool Burger

Just a few steps from Deep Eddy, Pool Burger feels like summer. With the smell of grilling burgers and the clank of the cocktail shaker, the vibe is laid back and fun.

Food (there are options for vegetarians, too) comes from the 1968 Airstream trailer, and tiki drinks come to life at the straw-covered stand. Find yourself a spot of shade on the comfy cushions and sip your mai tai slowly.

The White Horse

Band playing on stage at The White Horse
The White Horse features regular live music

One of Austin’s coolest honky tonks, The White Horse in East Austin has live music every day of the week. In addition to the entertainment, they have tacos every night/early morning and whiskey on tap. It’s kind of perfect.

One of the nicest things about The White Horse is that it doesn’t have a particular type of crowd and everyone is welcome. You’ll see people of all generations from hipsters to ranchers to rockabillies, so no one really feels out of place. They all pack the dance floor, and many come for the free dance lessons offered Tuesday through Saturday.

See live music venues like The White Horse and more on this music crawl tour of the city.


From Amsterdam to Bordeaux, we love the idea of food halls, and Austin’s Fareground is a winner. The half-dozen vendors at the food hall offer tacos, rustic Italian pastas, sushi, and more. Don’t miss the monster cookie at farm-to-table stall Henbit.

Explore by bike or scooter

B-cycle bicycle stand

Getting around in Austin can be really easy—just pick up a bicycle or a scooter when you see one. With B-cycle bicycle stands and companies like Lime and Jump offering bicycles and scooters all over the city, you’re never very far from an option that will take you a few blocks or to the other side of the city. Most of them only require an app and a credit card.

For a more organized approach, consider this bicycle tour of Austin highlights or check out this tour that takes you around the city on an electric minibike built for two.

Breakfast tacos crawl

Breakfast tacos, chips, queso, and Topo Chico on a table at Tacodeli
Tacos and breakfast queso at Tacodeli

Trying breakfast tacos is a must when you visit Austin. There are so many great places to try that it’s hard to pick just one. The good news is that many places serve breakfast tacos all day, so you can put together your own taco crawl, if you’re so inclined.

My favorite place for breakfast tacos is Veracruz All Natural. They have several locations in Austin, and we like the truck on Manchaca Road because it’s conveniently located at Radio Coffee, so you can easily address all your breakfast needs in one place. Bring your patience because Veracruz is super popular, but the wait is worth it. They’re most well-known for their amazing migas taco.

People waiting for breakfast tacos at Veracruz All Natural food truck
People waiting for tacos at Veracruz All Natural

If you can’t make it to Veracruz All Natural, check out Austin mainstays Tacodeli or Torchy’s Tacos. For 20 years, Tacodeli has met Austinites’ tortilla needs, and their breakfast tacos—especially the Otto—are legendary. Torchy’s Tacos, which started out as a food truck, now has 50 locations, so there’s almost always one nearby. Try the queso, too.

Toy Joy

Star Wars-themed coffee mugs on a shelf at Toy Joy in Austin, Texas
Some of the humorous merchandise at Toy Joy

Toy Joy is not your standard toy store. An Austin institution for over 30 years, Toy Joy stocks thousands of items to appeal to everyone. You can find expected toys like standard board games and stuffed animals alongside less expected gag gifts, costumes, crafts, and more. From Harry Potter to anime, there’s plenty to see here.

Lady Bird Lake

People rowing on Lady Bird Lake with Austin skyline in the background
Rowing on Lady Bird Lake

Lady Bird Lake looks a bit more like a river, or at least that’s what I called it until my sister set me straight. It’s actually a section of the Colorado River running right through the heart of Austin that has been dammed up. Whatever you call it, it’s the perfect place for outdoor activities and water sports in Austin.

Year-round, there are people in kayaks and canoes and on stand-up paddle boards enjoying the lake. Along the banks, you can also rent paddle boats, dragon boats, and other crafts for use. To enjoy the water in a more motorized fashion, check out Capital Cruises, which runs regular excursions. The Ann and Roy Butler Hike-and-Bike Trail runs over 10 miles around the lake.

Trail of Lights

People walking through a tunnel of Christmas lights at night
One of the light tunnels at Austin Trail of Lights

One of the top holiday traditions in town is the Austin Trail of Lights. This amazing festival fills Zilker Park with more than 2 million Christmas lights.

Along the trail, there are 70 displays and lighted tunnels plus nearly 100 trees lit up in the colors of the season. When you add regular entertainment, food trucks, photos with Santa, and more, it’s clear while the Trail of Lights is super popular.

Typically, about half the nights of the 2-week event are free for the public, which means the trail can get quite crowded. Visitors who want a little more room to move around and perks like easy parking can buy an early-entry ZIP pass or VIP Platinum passes on select nights.

Take a Day Trip Near Austin

There is plenty to occupy your time in Austin if you’re visiting for a long weekend. But, if you have more time or want to see a side of Texas other than the big city, consider taking a day trip. There are several fun places to visit not far from Austin.


Shops on Main Street in Fredericksburg, TX

Fredericksburg is, undoubtedly, our favorite small town in Texas. Although it has just 10,000 residents, there are lots of fun things to keep you busy in the charming town.

Founded by German settlers, Fredericksburg has its own unique culture that you might not expect in the heart of Texas. This German town is packed with dozens of wineries and has a cute downtown shopping area. You’ll also find wildflower gardens, historic sites, and the world-class National Museum of the Pacific War. With lots of places to eat and drink plus frequent live music, Fredericksburg makes for a perfect day trip from Austin.


Country musicians playing in bar at Luckenbach TX

Immortalized in the Waylon Jennings song of the same name, Luckenbach, Texas, is an unusual site you shouldn’t miss if you have time to make the trip from Austin. This two-building town, which famously only has a population of three is the place to go for country music. Its welcoming, down-home atmosphere makes it a place we love.

Along with food, drinks, and its well-known dance hall, Luckenbach has music nearly every day of the year. There are informal performances and jams as well as concerts from the biggest names in country. Its fun and sometimes quirky festivals like its annual “hug in” contribute to the unique environment.

Dripping Springs

Exterior of clothing store with "I love Drippin' so much" sign

Just a half-hour from Austin is the little town of Dripping Springs, Texas, which is certainly worth a stop on your trip through central Texas. Some of our favorite attractions in Dripping Springs are mentioned above, including Hamilton Pool and several of the Texas distilleries. In addition, you can get a hint of Tuscany at the Texas Hill Country Olive Oil Company, enjoy the scenery at Pedernales Falls State Park, and splash down in the natural swimming hole of Jacob’s Well.


Building with mural including pink bear and woman

Brenham, Texas, is synonymous with Blue Bell ice cream, a summer (or any season, really) staple when you grow up in Texas. Blue Bell’s headquarters just 1.5 hours from Austin is open for visiting, and you can visit their scoop shop where all the delicious flavors are only $1.

In downtown Brenham, there are beer gardens, art galleries, and live music venues. The buildings are decked out in murals not typical of small Texas towns, and the great food and welcoming vibe will entice you to stay for awhile.

Round Top

Store interior with home goods for sale

Round Top is the place to go for antiques. Check out the antique fairs or some of the other shops and warehouses along Highway 237. If new (but vintage-looking) things are more your style, don’t miss Junk Gypsy of HGTV fame. There’s lots of furniture, jewelry, and country-themed decorations in this fun shop.

When you’re shopped out, visit the super-popular Royers Round Top Café for a filling lunch or dinner. If you’re just in the mood for their famous pie and can’t wait for a table, head to the cute sister restaurant Royers Pie Haven nearby.

Woman on scooter in front of mural showing cartoon frog

Where to Stay in Austin

South Congress Hotel – A boutique hotel on one of Austin’s most popular streets for entertainment and eating, the South Congress Hotel is one of the top places to stay in Austin. Some rooms have courtyard or city views, and you can’t beat the rooftop pool bar.

Hyatt Place Downtown Austin – A reliable choice for comfortable accommodations, Hyatt Place offers an on-site restaurant, pool, and fitness center. It is within walking distance of most of the Austin sightseeing highlights.

Fairmont Austin – The Fairmont Austin is the definition of a luxury hotel. With stellar service, well-appointed rooms, a spa, and five restaurants and bars, it’s one of the best places to stay in Austin.

The Carpenter Hotel – One of the newest boutique hotels, The Carpenter Hotel has a unique setting in the former carpenter’s union hall near Zilker Park. You’ll find a fabulous cafe, a restaurant serving inventive dishes, and an outdoor pool. Each room is uniquely furnished.

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